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TUNNELBLAST - Shot blast machine


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icona video tunnelblast icona video tunnelblast movimento terra
3D Animation Tunnelblast Shot Blasting Machine Automatic production line of Shot blasting - Painting for earth moving machines

Shot blast machines suitable for the treatment of products of middle/large sizes handled horizontally or of products middle/small dimensions hung to proper jigs.

The handling of the work-pieces can be done by couple of hoists, overhead conveyor or driven trolleys at ground level.

The blast operation is done in one pass on the whole component surface throughout the crossing of the tunnel.
Downstream the blasting tunnel, it is possible to install manual blasting cabinet for re-touching or blowing /suction cabinet to remove possible residue shot on the work-pieces.
Tunnelblast machines are very often installed in complete automatic lines of shot-blasting/painting systems.
Typical work pieces treated with shot blasting machine TUNNELBLAST are:

Structural steel work for:

  • Civil and industrial buildings (sheds, bridges, viaducts, stadiums, warehouses, walkways, platforms, stairs, etc.)
  • Agricultural equipments
  • Earth moving equipments
  • Buildings and road equipments
  • Lifting machines
  • Bridge crane
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Truck chassis
  • Railway trolleys
  • Metal tanks

Large castings

Heat-treated parts

Mechanic parts to be moved in line with painting plant systems.


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