Plates and sections

Shot blast machines for plates and sections

Examples of treated products:

  • Profiles and hot-rolled plates
  • Rolled beams and welded beams
  • Billets
  • Coils

Scope of shot blasting

  • Descaling
  • Removal of oxide and welding rest
  • Preparation of the surface to the following treatment of paint
  • Preparation of the surface to the following machining

Which shot blasting machine ?

Shot blasting machine type LAUCO with roller conveyors
Tunnel shot blasting machine with horizontal roller conveyors.
Installation dimensions could be between 500 mm to 4500 mm width.
Suitable for plates and profiles.
Loading and unloading of the pieces can be done by bridge crane or by side transfer systems.

Shot blasting machine type TUNNEL
The blast cleaning operation is done by a handling system, chain overhead rail or hoists, or by trolleys running on floor level rails.
Suitable for cleaning medium to large size products.
This shot blasting machine can be set in automatic lines for blasting/painting process.

Shot blasting machine type SANDERPLATE
In alternative to LAUCO machine with horizontal roller conveyors, OMSG can offer a machine type SANDERPLATE, vertical throughput.

Shot blasting machine type COILS
Shot blasting machines for coils.
High performance machine that can be included in an automatic line or “off-line”.


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