Shot blasting machines for wire and steel bar

Example of treated products:

  • Steel metallic wire
  • Inox metallic wire
  • Copper wire
  • Galvanized wire
  • Steel bars
  • Steel drawn rods
  • Round drawn rods
  • Hexagonal drawn rods
  • Square drawn rods

Scope of shot blasting

  • Drawn wire descaling
  • Drawn bar descaling

Which shot blasting machine ?

Shot blasting machine type SWS
Shot blasting machine for mechanical descaling of wire and bars by wheels throwing steel shot.
Available in different models depending on the type of production required.
The SWS machine can be fixed in-line, prior to the wire-drawing operation, or integrated in gauging lines. Cold-draw bar may also be descaled by this method or off-line served by winding machines or suitable roller conveyors.

Shot blasting machine type SBS
Automatic shot blasting machine for “T” steel bars, single passage, handling system with motorized rollers.


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