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CWB – Shot blast machine with metal wire mesh conveyor


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  • granigliatrice-shot-blasting-machine-omsg-CWB-850
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  • granigliatrice-shot-blasting-machine-omsg-cwb_pezzi_2

Continuous shot blast machine with metal wire mesh conveyor for the treatment of

  • Aluminum die-castings and alloys (automotive, alimentary, furnishing, lighting, telecommunications, electric tools fields, etc.)
  • Oxygen-flame cutting parts
  • Cast iron castings
  • steel pressing pieces
  • Brass molded pieces

The work-pieces are placed on the wire mesh conveyor with high wear resistance, shot blasted both above and below in single pass through the blast chamber.

Progress speed of the metal wire mesh conveyor and the blast wheel rotation can be changed through the Inverter. The number of blast wheels and the installed powers can vary depending on the models.

OMSG produces several models, from the smaller with a passage width of 500 mm, up to 1.500 mm of useful width.

Loading and unloading of the work pieces can be done manually or through automatic transport systems positioned before or after, or through robots, from the metal wire mesh conveyor.

The CWB machine is automated and highly productive.


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