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Tappeto Rampante ® Steel Belt Tumblast machine


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Tappeto Rampante ® Steel Tumblast are suitable for the treatment of pieces in quanitity, having unit weights that can vary from few hundred grams up to 250 kg, depending on the shot blasting machine type.

Maximum loading weight varies from 600 to 3.000 Kg.

Treated parts through Tappeto Rampante ® Tumblast machines are:

  • Cast parts in brass, cast iron, steel and aluminum
  • Pressed parts in steel or brass
  • Forged parts
  • Heat-treated parts
  • Springs
  • Various mechanical parts

The work-pieces placed loosely on the endless turning on belt and they are shot blasted by the wheels positioned on the roof of the machine.

A hydraulic skip loads the machines whilst unloading can be done directly into the container, or on a vibrating channel that allows the recovery of the shot remaining on the work-pieces.

Special devices: such as magnetic separator and an automatic device for the abrasive cleaner allows optimizing the shot blast operation by treating the castings.

OMSG was the first company in Italy to design and manufacture Tumblast machines Tappeto Rampante®.

Tappeto Rampante® is a registered trademark of OMSG.