Shot blast machines for liquid and compressed gas bottles

Examples of treated products:

  • Household gas bottles
  • Oxygen, argon, elio bottles
  • Hospital use bottles
  • Acetylene bottles
  • Diving bottles

Scope of shot blasting

  • Descaling
  • Removal of oxide
  • Preparation of the surface for painting treatment
  • Paint removal for gas bottles to be reconditioned
  • Inner blasting of bottles

Which shot blasting machine ?
The choice of the most suitable machine basically depends on three variables: bottle dimensions, required production and handling system.
OMSG’ products range includes:

Shot blasting machine with skew rollers type RBC
Shot blasting machine for high production. Pieces are loaded manually, or by automatic devices, on a conveyor with skew rollers. Pieces rotate and move forward simultaneously.
In only one passage through the blasting chamber, it is possible to obtain a surface finishing degree SA 2½ or SA3.

Shot blasting machine, one cycle operation, type RB
Compact and economic shot blasting machine running by one cycle operation, manual loading and unloading. It is a good solution if you want a simple and economic machine.

Shot blasting machine with hook type CAPRI
It is the more versatile shot blasting machine of our range. Bottles are hung on a hook, singularly or in bunch.
A Y rail permits to reduce the idle production times. When one bottle is inside the blasting chamber, the other one is ready outside to be discharged and replaced by another one to be blasted.

Carousel shot blasting machine type SANDERMATIC
It is the more automatized and complex version than the hook shot blasting machine type CAPRI.
SANDERMATIC is equipped with an overhead handling system moving forward automatically step by step. Suitable for high production.

Tunnel shot blasting machine type TUNNELBLAST
Tunnel shot blasting machine that can be included in complete and automatic blasting and painting lines.

Compressed air shot blasting machine type INNERBLAST for inner blasting.
Shot blasting machine for automatic internal cleaning of gas bottles.
Loading and unloading can be achieved by robots.


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