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TRL - Shot blast machine for marble and cement


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Shot blast machine with continuous metal wire mesh conveyor for the automatic treatment of marbles, granite and manufacture of cement products, natural stone.

Work pieces are placed on the wear high resistance metal wire mesh conveyor and shot blasted in a single passage, through the blasting room.

Speed adjustment of conveyor and blast wheels is controlled through an Inverter.

The number and the position of the blast wheels can change depending on the geometry and on the work pieces (in some cases it is requested only the blasting of the upper side, in some other cases also of the lateral side).

Loading and unloading of the work pieces on the conveyor can be done manually or through automatic clamps.

With proper regulated control and type of shot used in the shot blast machine, it is possible to produce different surface finishes to produce “antique” effect on marble stones and “bush-hamering” effect on cement products.



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