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ROTOFLOW - Continuous flow shot blast machine


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Continuous flow shot blast machine for the treatment of small/medium sized works such as steel, brass, aluminium, Zn + Al+ Mg alloy, steel work-pieces.

The advantages given by this machine are:

  • For in-line plants where work handling to and from the machine is automatic, the Rotoflow is the ideal shot blast system.
  • The Rotoflow machine will handle fragile pieces needing a cosmetic finish, in a specially designed rubber belt mill, which conveys work into and out of the blasting zone whilst avoiding clustering.
  • The machine’s high efficiency is obtained by careful positioning of the centrifugal blast wheels, along the axis of the work transfer line.

As a result of the specially designed conveyor, work pieces to be treated are tumbled and conveyed in a regular continuous flow.

Time through the blast zone may be varied by adjustment of an electronic device, which regulates the conveyor speed,


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