Shot blasting machines for pipes

Example of treated products

  • Calendered pipes
  • Centrifuged pipes
  • Welded pipes
  • Seamless pipes

Scope of shot blasting

  • Descaling
  • Surface preparation prior to painting or powder coating, also with thermal-insulation products, etc.
  • Surface preparation for machining.

Which shot blasting machine ?

Shot blasting machine type LAUCO with roller conveyors
Tunnel shot blasting machine with horizontal roller conveyors conveniently shaped for positioning and guiding of pipes. Depending on the shape of the inlet roller conveyor, it is possible to treat at the same time one or more pipes.
On the blasting plant it is possible to fit suitable devices in order to obtain in only one working cycle both external blasting and inner sandblasting, by the use of compress air lances.

Shot blasting machine for pipes type SANDERPIPES
Shot blasting machine suitable for treating the external surface of pipes with continuous passage.
Shot blasting machine with single passage.
Suitable for pipelines.

Shot blasting machine with skew rollers type RBC
Shot blasting machine for high production. Pieces are loaded manually, or by automatic devices, on a conveyor with skew rollers. Pieces rotate and move forward simultaneously.
In a single pass through the blasting chamber, it is possible to obtain a surface finishing degree SA 2½ or SA3.


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