Steel structural works

Shot blasting machines for steel structural works

Examples of treated products:

  • Steel structural works for industrial and civil buildings (sheds, bridges, viaducs, stadium, warehouses, gangways, ladders, platforms, etc.)
  • Agricultural machines
  • Earth moving machines
  • Building and road machines
  • Cranes
  • Bridge cranes
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Axles of trailers
  • Railway vehicles
  • Metal tanks
  • Current transformers
  • Fastenings, gates, door and window frames

Scope of shot blasting

  • Descaling
  • Removal of oxide
  • Preparation of the surfaces for painting, plasticization, enameling, metallization treatments, etc.

Which shot blasting machine ?

Shot blasting machine with hook type CAPRI
It is the more versatile shot blasting machine of our range.
Pieces are hung on a rotating hook of the handling system, singularly or in bunch, that runs inside the machine for the blasting treatment.
The range includes more than 100 different types of hook shot blasting machines depending on dimension and weight of the pieces to be treated and on the handling system.

Shot blasting machine type LAUCO
Shot blasting machine with roller conveyors.
Pieces are placed on a modular external conveyor that runs inside the blasting chamber (where are installed 4 wheels or more depending on the type of machine).

Tunnel shot blasting machine type TUNNELBLAST
Tunnel shot blasting machine.
The blast cleaning operation is done by a handling system, chain overhead rail or hoists, or by trolleys running on floor level rails.
Suitable for cleaning medium to large size products.
This shot blasting machine can be set in automatic lines for blasting/painting process.

Carousel shot blasting machine with hook type SANDERMATIC
Shot blasting machine with double doors where pieces are hung on a hook moving automatically step by step.
Operation is very similar to CAPRI shot blasting machines.
Machine suitable for high production.


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