Aluminium die-casting

Shot blasting machines for aluminium die-casting and its alloys

Examples of treated products:

Aluminium work-pieces for :

  • Automototive industry
  • Food industry
  • Telecommunication industry
  • White goods field
  • Components for urban and domestic furnishing
  • Lighting conponents
  • Transmission components
  • Mechanical components

Scope of shot blasting

  • Surface finishing
  • Removal of small burrs
  • Preparation of the surface for machining

Which shot blasting machine ?

Shot blasting machine type Tumblast Tappeto Rampante® with rubber apron conveyor
Shot blasting machine with rubber belt conveyor for treatment of pieces lower than 10 kg/each, suitable for tumbling.

Shot blasting machine with wire mesh conveyor type CWB
Shot blasting machine with wire mesh conveyor.
Work-pieces are placed on a high resistant wire mesh conveyor and blasted in a single pass through the blasting chamber.
Machines particularly suitable for high production and avoiding deformation or damages of work-pieces.

Shot blasting machine type CAPRI with hook or hoist
Hook type shot blasting machine.
Pieces are hung either singularly or in bunches.
Size of CAPRI machines change according to the pieces to be blasted.

Carousel shot blasting machine with hook type SANDERMATIC
It is the more automatized and complex version than the hook shot blasting machine type CAPRI.
SANDERMATIC is equipped with an overhead handling system moving forward automatically step by step. Suitable for high production.

Continuous flow shot blasting machine type ROTOFLOW
Continuous flow shot blasting machine for cleaning small to medium sized work-pieces.
Work-pieces are conveyed in a regular and continuous flow presenting the surface to be treated to the abrasive.
The machine can be supplied with automatic loading/unloading systems.

Shot blasting machine with rotating satellites table type TR
Shot blasting machine suitable for blasting the pieces positioned on a rotating holding fixture (ex: wheels for automotive field).
The machine presents always a free satellite for loading/unloading operations that can be easily automatized by robot.


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