Steel pressing and forging

Shot blast machines for steel pressed and forged pieces

Example of treated products:

  • Hot or cold pressed (forks, shafts, connecting rods, hubs, arms, flanges, gears, pinions, rings, etc.)
  • Forged pieces
  • Parts for the automotive industry
  • Parts of agricultural machinery
  • Parts of earth moving machines
  • Parts for industrial vehicles
  • Parts for the oil & gas
  • Parts for the Energy field

Aim of the blasting operation

  • Removal of scale (steel hot pressed pieces)
  • Preparation of the surface to a following machining

Which shot blasting machine ?

Tappeto Rampante® Tumblast machine with steel conveyor
Tumblast machine, with steel link and steel slats, suitable for parts having unit weight between 10 to 250 kg, suitable for tumbling.

Tappeto Rampante® Tumblast machine with rubber conveyor
Tumblast machine, with rubber belt, suitable for work-pieces with single piece weighing less than 10 kg, suitable for tumbling.

Spinner hanger Shot blast machine with hook or hoist type CAPRI
Spinner hanger shot blast machine.
The work-pieces can be loaded individually or in clusters.
The size of the shot blast machine CAPRI varies according to the object to be treated.

Shot blast machine carousel SANDERMATIC
It is the version hook type machine more automated and complex than CAPRI machine. The machine has a system of overhead handling system equipped with hooks moving automatically step by step.
Suitable for high production.

Shot blast machine continuous flow type ROTOFLOW
A shot-blast machine continuous flow for the treatment of pieces medium / small size. The pieces to be treated tumble and move forward a regular and continuous way, exposing all the surface to be treated to the stream of the abrasive. The machine is often provided with automatic systems for loading and unloading.


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