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Tappeto Rampante ® Rubber Belt Tumblast Machine

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icona video Tappeto Rampante in gomma con carico speciale
Tumblast shot blast machine with special loading device


The rubber Tumblast machines Tappeto Rampante® are used for treatment of smaller work-pieces with single pieces up to 10 Kg.

It is a typical machine suitable for tumbling work pieces.

Work pieces treated through shot blasting machines Tappeto Rampante ® are the following:

  • Aluminum die-castings and its alloys (automotive, furnishing, lighting, telecommunications, electric tools fields, etc.)
  • Screws, bolts, in preparation for next galvanizing treatment
  • Brass and steel hot pressing
  • Moulding materials (thermosetting)
  • Various mechanical components

The rubber Tumblast machines Tappeto Rampante® are made of an endless rubber belt conveyor, with high resistance to wear. The work-pieces tumble on the endless rubber belt whilst blasted by the wheel or wheels positioned on the roof of the machine.

The machine can be equipped with special devices to achieve a better finish (frequency converter for belt and wheels, PLC, flap and unloading belt, etc.) avoiding damaged to work-pieces.

The load and unload can be made manually or automatically with hydraulic skip loaders.

Tappeto Rampante® is a registered trademark of OMSG.


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