Shot blasting machines for ferrous and non-ferrous cast-irons

Examples of treated products:

  • Cast-irons (disks, hubs, pumps, valves, components for earth moving machines, basement of tooling and textile machines, street furniture, oil & gas sector, shipyard and railway sectors, etc.)
  • Steel castings (automotive sector, agricultural, military and shipyard machines, machines for earth movements, etc.)
  • Brass castings (taps and fittings, valves, hydro-thermo-sanitary components).
  • Aluminium castings (Aluminium gravity shell castings, wheels, automotive sector, etc.)
  • Bronze castings
  • Copper castings

Scope of shot blasting

  • Decoring (sand removing)
  • Descaling
  • Preparation of the surface to the next painting treatment
  • Deburring of the pieces

Which shot blasting machine ?
OMSG can offer different technical solutions depending on the type of production, dimension and weight of pieces to be treated, production required by the customer, loading/unloading systems and required automations.

The most common machines of Foundry sector are :

Shot blasting machine type Tappeto Rampante® with steel conveyor
Shot blasting machine with steel slat conveyor for treatment of pieces between 10÷250 kg/each, suitable for tumbling.

Shot blasting machine type Tappeto Rampante® with rubber conveyor
Shot blasting machine with rubber belt conveyor for treatment of pieces lower than 10 kg/each, suitable for tumbling.

Shot blasting machine type CAPRI with hook
Hook type shot blasting machine.
Pieces are hung either singularly or in barches.
Dimensions of CAPRI machines change according to the pieces to be blasted.

Carousel shot blasting machine with hook type SANDERMATIC
It is the more automatized and complex version than the hook shot blasting machine type CAPRI.
SANDERMATIC is equipped with an overhead handling system moving forward automatically step by step. Suitable for high production.

Tunnel shot blasting machine type TUNNELBLAST
Tunnel shot blasting machine.
The shot cleaning operation is done by a hanging system, chain overhead rail or hoists, or by trolleys running on floor level rails.
Suitable for cleaning medium to large size products.

Rotary table shot blasting machine type RT
Very simple machine and economical type to run.
Pieces are placed on the table which rotates exposing all visible surface to the shot flow throwing wheel.

Special shot blasting machines
OMSG manufactures a complete range of special installations, realized ad hoc as per customer’s requirements.
For foundry, we can offer shot blasting machines with hoists and special overhead handling systems, automatic sand machines for ingot moulds, etc.

Special devices

  • Vibrating screen
  • Magnetic abrasive cleaner devices
  • Special protections for blasting chamber


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