Shot or grit

OMSG shot blasting machines work with metallic shot or grit, size and dimension can change following the type of work-pieces to be treated.
OMSG recommends the use of shot of good quality, hardness between 46÷51 HRC, dimension between S230 and S390 (in case of round shot).
Besides the round shot, it is possible to use angular grit or a mix of both (taking into consideration hardness and dimension mentioned above).
For some applications, such as stainless steel cylinders, then a nickel-chrome stainless steel shot would be preferable.
In certain applications the use of special abrasives such as: Aluminium or Brass shot would be necessary where steel abrasive contamination is to be avoided. Natural abrasive, ceramic abrasive, Aluminium shot, brass shot, etc.). it is necessary to compare carefully the compatibility, the performances and maintenance/operating costs.

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