Removal of paint

Shot blasting machines for paint removal

Example of treated products:

  • Hanging devices
  • Bottles
  • General metal products

Scope of shot blasting

  • Following cryogenic or pyrolytic treatments, cleaning of hanging devices and grates of paint installations.
  • Removal of adhering paint
  • Preparation for painting

Which shot blasting machine ?

Shot blasting machine with Diabolo rollers type RBC
Shot blasting machine for high production. Work-piece is loaded either manually or by automatic means onto a Diabolo roller skew conveyor. Work-pieces is conveyed through the machine whilst rotating. In a single pass, it is possible to obtain on a SA 2½ to SA3 surface finishing.

Shot blasting machine with hook type carriers, termed “CAPRI”
Probably the most versatile machine in the range. Work-piece to be cleaned is suspended on a hook for treatment.
A “Y” type rail outside the chamber can accommodate two loads, one inside the blast chamber being treated and the other outside the chamber for loading and unloading.

Shot blasting machine for cleaning plate and sections termed “ LAUCO “

Straight through machine with multiple blast wheels. Work-piece placed on a horizontal roller conveyor for passage into and out of the blast zone.
Loading and unloading of work-piece can be achieved either by overhead crane or side transfer means.


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