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  • Automatic shot blast machine for transformers tanks ready for delivery

Automatic shot blast machine for transformers tanks ready for delivery


Capri for transformers big

OMSG is proud to inform that one automatic spinner hanger shot blast machine model CAPRI 30/25 H22 R, specific for DST tanks is currently available for quick delivery.

The plant is specifically designed for finned DST tanks whose rotation envelope fits a cylinder of ø 3000x2500 mm. Such a maximum dimension usually corresponds to a power of 2200 kWA.

The reduced-height design of this machine makes it suitable for installation in low buildings.

The machine is brand new, never used, manufactured in 2016 and comes with CE marking.

Main technical features

  • Maximum parts rotation diameter mm 3,000
  • Maximum piece height mm 2,500
  • Hoist n° 2
  • Maximum load of each hoist kg 2,000
  • Wheels n° 4
  • Wheels diameter mm 350
  • Throwing speed m/sec abt. 80
  • Abrasive capacity kg/min abt. 660
  • Dust collector delivery m3/h 20,000
  • Dust collector static prevalence mm H2O 200

Included devices

  • wheels speed regulation by four independent frequency converter devices;
  • variable delivery shot valves;
  • electronic regulation of hook rotation speed;
  • full floor coverage in Ni-Hard cast iron tiles;
  • PLC Siemens S7.1200 with 7” colour touchscreen interface;
  • infrared safety barriers for door movement protection;
  • two pendant pushbuttons for hook control.

Upon request it is still possible to customize the plant in colour and special functionality.

The machine can be witnessed at our workshop in Villa Cortese (Mi) – Italy and the machine can be delivered in around 5 weeks.


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