Visit of South African delegation at the OMSG

visita delegazione sudafrica

In collaboration with our association AMAFOND - National Association of Machinery Suppliers & Materials for Foundries - OMSG – Meccaniche San Giorgio SpA, a manufacturer of shot blast machines and machine systems, has received the pleasant visit of a delegation of ferrous metal foundries and non-ferrous metals from South Africa.

The delegation, composed of ten companies from the sector of iron foundries / steel / aluminum and die-cast aluminum has been welcomed by our President, Mr.. Enzo Dell'Orto, who outlined the main features of the OMSG: the structure, organization, sales network and the main products.

During the visit at the offices and Workshop, the customers have been able to inspect a number of shot blasting machines during assembly, many of which are bound to the foundry, especially abroad: Russia, Middle East, North Africa.

OMSG has been present for years in South Africa (since 1975), especially in the field of cast iron foundry, with more than 40 machines installed.

A widespread sales network and a continuous and accurate service after sale locally, allow our brand to be recognized as a leader in the field of shot blasting equipments.


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