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  • WR 4030-PXC - Shot blast machine for wagons

WR 4030-PXC - Shot blast machine for wagons

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  • granigliatrice-shot-blasting-machine-omsg-WR40-30-PX-vagoni-ferroviari

Tunnel type shot blast machine for cleaning the outside of railway wagons.

This complex installation consist of two main parts:

  • Tunnel with the automatic turbines
  • Blasting chamber for touch up with a compressed air lance.

A variable speed driven bogie transports the wagons into the blasting zone, fitted with shot throwing turbines, followed by compressed air blasting nozzles for touch up.

A driven trolley with adjustable speed handle the wagon and transport it in the blasting station, with the turbines, and then in the blasting chamber for the touch up.

The height of the pavement between the rails is reduced in order to enable a free access to the underbody.


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