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World Congress of Aluminium

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 OMSG was present at eighth World Congress of Aluminium "ALUMINIUM TWO THOUSAND"

OMSG has participated both as an exhibitor and as a speaker on the eighth World Congress of Aluminium, "ALUMINIUM TWO THOUSAND" which was held at the Melià Hotel in Milan 14th to 18th May 2013.

The day Friday, May 17th Mr. Enzo Dell'Orto - CEO of OMSG - was one of the speakers of the conference room “Coral”.

The title of "Finishing processes combined in the treatment of aluminum profiles: a real improvement compared to the traditional process of chemical pickling" has attracted considerable interest among experts of international standing.

OMSG has exposed the practical and economic advantages found by a combined process of chemical pickling-blasting on aluminum extruded profiles, compared to only chemical treatment.

It is possible to see, in this rendering, the blasting machine used for the treatment of shot blasting.

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