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OMSG’ shot blast machine type Tunnelblast 1525/12 installed at Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl

Omsg tunnelblast 1525 10 12 Ferrari cover

On the IPCM magazine of November / December 2018 a technical article was published entitled "Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche: a new tunnel Shot blasting system for highly customisable agricultural machinery"

The .pdf of the article can be downloaded at this link.

The article talks about the shot blasting machine installed in December 2017 at the Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl, headquarters in Guidizzolo (Mantova); it is a machine type TUNNELBLAST 1525/12 (Tunnelblast OMSG shot blasting machine) suitable for treating steel construction of agricultural machines with maximum dimensions: width 1500 mm and height 2500 mm.The shot blasting machine is equipped with 12 single-disc turbines patented by OMSG, each with a power of 7,5 Kw, suitable for guaranteeing a final finishing grade of SA 2½, in preparation for the subsequent painting treatment.

"The parts to be treated are moved at a speed of 0,5 meters per minute.
This speed allows to optimize the shotblasting treatment: achieve the required degree of finishing, without using abrasive with big dimension, which could damage the pieces with an action too intense" explains Technical Director Dario Ferrari.

"One of the requirements for Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl was to perfectly integrate the blasting machine with an existing painting plant, in order to work in line, with a continuous flow.
We opted for a tunnel shot blasting machine, with rubber curtains, placed at the entrance and exit of the system.

"The speed of the turbines is adjustable by means of an inverter.
Special valves measure the quantity of abrasive, which is recovered and reconditioned. The residues of abrasive remained on the pieces are removed by the action of compressed air, recovered from hoppers positioned in the area outside the tunnel, and automatically brought back into the machine.
In addition to corrosion resistance, another problem that we have solved thanks to OMSG’ shot blasting machine is the final aesthetic quality after the laser cutting of the steel construction.
"Ferrari says:" In fact, laser cutting leaves an irregular surface that often causes a "tear" in the paint. In the past, we have rounded these edges with a brushing machine combined with an abrasive; now, thanks to our new shot blasting machine, this is no longer necessary.

Omsg tunnelblast 1525 10 12 FerrariOmsg tunnelblast 1525 10 12 Ferrari particolareOmsg tunnelblast 1525 10 12 Ferrari pezzi

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