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OMSG-CARLO BANFI rapporteurs at the RAILTECH 2018 Conference


The President of OMSG – CARLO BANFI, has attended, as a rapporteur, at the RAILTECH 2018 Conference, which was held in Florence on February 13th at the Palazzo dei Congressi.

The Conference subject was: “Increasing of productivity and reduction of pass through time for the anticorrosive protection of railway material”.

Enzo Dell’Orto, the President, for what concerning the railways sector products, has well explained “Benefits/advantages of the automatic shot blasting by airless wheel” ,

RAILTECH Conference has focused its attention by illustrating the latest technologies and latest generation products used for railway products finishing

The OMSG-CARLO BANFI Group has illustrated the new technologies for shot-blasting and shot-peening equipment for: railway vehicles, trolleys, rail axles and rails.

anti di granigliatura e shot-peening per: carrozze ferroviarie, carrelli, assali ferroviari e binari

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