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OMSG obtained certification OHSAS 18001

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It is with great pride that OMSG Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio SpA announces that in December 2015 obtained, the prestigious certification of Safety Management Systems and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health.

In a continuous improvement of the product, but also of business processes, OMSG has decided to adapt to the legislation OHSAS 18001; and it was the first Italian company in the field of manufacturers of wheel shot blasting and sanding equipment, to achieve this important goal.

But why OMSG decided to get certified in accordance to OHSAS 18001?

First of all we explain that the OHSAS 18001 has as main aim the reduction of the risk to which they are exposed:

  • the OMSG’s direct staff
  • the customers
  • the visitors
  • and all the staff that revolves around the company

It is obvious that the benefits of this reduction affect not only the workers themselves, but also have a positive impact on the efficiency of the company, reducing waste and making way for new and important customers.

Adhering to the OHSAS 18001 OMSG complies with a standard relative to Safety, also valid abroad, and not only in Italy. In this way, our clients can evaluate objectively, our company as if it was of their Nation.

As we said, OMSG was motivated to the certification OHSAS 18001 to protect workers, improve processes and achieve efficiencies in the company resulting in cost savings.

In fact, in case of accident at work costs the company faces are remarkable: the production process is likely to get stuck or otherwise slowed and then downtime obviously have serious repercussions on production. The bureaucracy and the judicial and trade union in case of accident are long and often expensive. We realize, too, that to come not only affected the production process as a whole, but also the reputation that the company has built up over time.

The potential reduction in the number of accidents goes hand in hand, and then, with the reduction of the downtime and costs associated with them, and results in a saving of time and resources for the company.



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Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio SpA
Granigliatrici, impianti di sabbiatura automatici, pallinatrici


    OMSG è stata fondata nel 1961 e da allora progetta e produce granigliatrici, impianti di sabbiatura automatici ed impianti di pallinatura (Shot peening)...


    OMSG è presente in tutto il mondo, con più di 50 tra agenti e centri di assistenza post vendita, e due filiali in Germania e Francia...


    Più di 50 anni di esperienza nel trattamento superficiale di carpenterie metalliche, trafile, fonderie di metalli ferrosi e non ferrosi, forge, trattamenti termici, galvanica, marmo & cemento...



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